HPE Africa’s HL780-9S wheel loader, which is being used by Vanalls Plant Hire at a smelter in Witbank, to break up and transport Silica Manganese, is coping efficiently in extremely harsh conditions.

“Hyundai wheel loaders are known for impressive performance in tough applications, but the durability of this machine is extraordinary,” notes Alex Ackron, managing director, HPE Africa – exclusive distributors in Southern Africa for Hyundai Construction Equipment. “Vanalls Plant Hire, with responsibility for integrated materials handling of all commodities at the smelter, invested in this front end loader at the end of 2016. A year later, with over 6 000 hours on the clock, this robust machine continues to offer optimum productivity, using on average only 22 litres of fuel per hour. Maintenance requirements for this machine are minimal.

“This wheel loader is used to break layered cast Silica Manganese from the prepared beds into smaller pieces and transport this high temperature material to a cooling pad. For enhanced performance, improved traction and tyre protection, the HL780-9S has been fitted with durable tyre chains.”

Released by Lindy Morton, November 2017