The Southern African market was first introduced to Hyundai Construction Equipment in August 1994 when Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) established a South African dealership, Hyundai Plant and Equipment, more commonly referred to as HPE, based in Johannesburg.

In February 2000, the dealership was taken over by new management and was named High Power Equipment Africa (Pty) Ltd t/a HPE Africa.  With persistent hard work and unwavering commitment, HPE Africa established a reputation for good after sales support.

In October 2014 Invicta Holdings Ltd announced that it acquired 100% of the ordinary share capital of HPE Africa, effective 1 October 2014, and that the transaction was approved by the Competition Commission.

The acquisition was a strategic investment to enable Invicta Holdings Ltd to further broaden its product offering to the plant hire, construction, quarrying and mining industries in Southern Africa. HPE Africa forms part of Invicta Holdings Ltd of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) and operates as a separate entity from Invicta’s other related equipment operations.

Under the leadership of its managing director, Alex Ackron, HPE Africa established strategic relationships with key customers and service providers, shaping it into a formidable competitor in the earthmoving equipment environment. HPE Africa showed year-on-year growth despite difficult economic, climatic and political conditions, whilst facing a dwindling market for earthmoving equipment.

2018 marks the 18th year of the distribution of Hyundai Construction Equipment in Southern Africa by HPE Africa, which also coincides with HPE Africa receiving the “Best Performance in Africa 2017 award” by Hyundai Construction Equipment. Due to growing customer demand for products that complement the Hyundai range, HPE Africa also partnered with other world-class brands, including McCloskey International and Soosan Heavy Industries, to offer clients a complete in-house solution for any construction equipment application.

In order to achieve this success, HPE Africa had to find creative ways of unearthing new opportunities. They also aligned themselves with prevalent state owned entities and blue-chip companies which moved them forward in their objective for consistent growth. Alex Ackron attributes HPE Africa’s success to, among other capabilities, their dexterity and appetite to take calculated risks, the supply and support of quality products and a loyal and dedicated team, that delivers superior service.