The high-performing, eco-friendly Hyundai HM5.9, turbocharged engine ensures both excellent fuel efficiency and high power.

Reinforced Bucket and Bucket Linkage Cab Engine

Reinforced Bucket and Bucket Linkage

Sealed and adjustable bucket linkage provides less wear of pins and bushes as well as silent operation.
The design includes bucket link durability and anti wear characteristics.
Additional reinforcement plates on cutting edge section.
Reinforced bucket is made with thicker steel and additional lateral plate.


Electronic functions are concentrated in the most convenient spot for operators to improve work efficiency.
The highly-advanced infotainment system, a product of HCE’s intensive information technology development, enables both productivity and comfort while working.
The HX Series is designed with the operator in mind.


Built for maximum power, performance and reliability.
Hyundai 6BTAA-5.9 (HM5.9) Engine
4 cycle Diesel, 6-Cylinders in line, direct injection, Turbocharged, charge air cooled and Low emission