Computer Aided Power Optimization (CAPO)
· 3-power mode, 2-work mode
· One touch deceleration system
· Auto deceleration system
· Auto overheat prevention system

Excavator Boom, Arm and Bucket Cab Engine Hydraulics Undercarriage

Excavator Boom, Arm and Bucket

  • The holding valves in the main control valve prevent the boom and arm from lowering during an extended period in the neutral position.
  • Reinforced bucket and bucket linkage.
  • Sealed and adjustable bucket linkage produces less wear of pins and bushes and offers silent operation.



  • ISO Cab
  • The control levers and seat can be adjusted to provide maximum operator comfort.
  • The seat is fully adjustable for optimum operating position, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Console boxes slide forward and backward for improved accessibility.
  • The proportional pressure controls reduce unnecessary exertion while ensuring precise operation.
  • Large windows allow excellent visibility in all directions.


  • Hyundai HM4.2 Engine
  • Lower fuel and lube oil consumption
  • Low operating cost
  • All maintenance points are located on one side for easy maintenance


  • Optimum hydraulic performance
  • Auto deceleration system
  • Boom and arm holding system
  • Boom and arm flow regeneration system
  • Pump flow control system
  • Power boost control system
  • Attachment flow control system


  • Durable track railing guards keep track links in place.
  • Track adjustment is made easy with standard grease cylinder track adjusters and shock absorbing springs.
  • The reinforced box-section frame is welded using low-stress, high-strength steel.
  • The X-leg type center frame is integrally welded for maximum strength and durability.