Attachment piping fitted as standard

Excavator Boom Swing Cab Engine Hydraulics Undercarriage

Excavator Boom Swing

  • Booms and arms are welded with a low-stress, full-box section design
  • Sacrificial wear plate


  • 9S Series cab have easily adjustable seat, console and armrest to ensure operator comfort
  • Enlarged cab with improved visibility
  • ISO Standard Cabin
  • New Color 7" LCD display with easy to read digital gauges
  • Radio and aircon standard


  • 9S Series excavators are engineered to be extremely fuel efficient and robust
  • Computer Aided Power Optimization System (Power: Power/Standard/Economy, Work and Custom User modes)
  • Engine: Hyundai HM 5.9
  • Ground-line access to filters, lube fittings, fuses, machine computer components and wide open compartments makes service more convenient
  • New innovations like two-stage auto decel system and the new economy mode help to conserve fuel and reduce the impact on the environment


  • Advanced CAPO(Computer Aided Power Optimization) system to select power mode
  • Improved control valve design for added efficiency and smoother operation
  • New auto boom and swing priority system for optimum speed
  • New auto power boost feature for additional power when needed


  • 600mm Grouser
  • Long Undercarriage (9 rollers)
  • Sealed track chain (urethane seals)
  • Standard track rail guard
  • Tapered side frames for debris clean-out