Hyundai HX225SL

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Engine Model: Hyundai HM5.9

Operating Weight (kg): 22,070

Max Dumping Height (mm): 6,780

Max Digging Depth (mm): 6,730

Bucket Capacity (m³): 1.2 (Rock)

Net Power (kW@rpm): 110 @ 1,950

The HX Series has an eco-friendly, high-performance engine that ensures both excellent fuel efficiency and high power. The true value of the HX Series lies in its durability and ability to easily cope with tough working conditions.

> The high-performing, eco-friendly Hyundai HM5.9, turbocharged engine ensures both excellent fuel efficiency and high power.

Reinforced Durability of Upper and Lower Structure and Attachments
> The HX Series’ upper and lower structure and attachments are highly durable, undergoing numerous tests, including road tests and virtual simulation.

> In addition, the wear resistance of the bucket has been improved with the use of new materials.

> Low noise, low vibration, and ergonomic design make the cabin space more comfortable and pleasant.

> With focus on safety and convenience of operators, the HX Series allows rapid and safe equipment inspection anytime and anywhere, providing an optimal environment for operators to work.