Hyundai HX300SL

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Engine Model: HYUNDAI HM8.3

Operating Weight (kg): 30,200

Max Dumping Height (mm): 12,270

Max Digging Depth (mm): 14,740

Bucket Capacity (m³): 1.49

Net Power (kW@rpm): 183 @ 2,200

The HX Series is equipped with eco-friendly, high-performance engines that meet the Tier 4 Final emission requirements.

Reinforced Durability of Upper and Lower Structure and Attachments
> The upper and lower structure and attachments of the HX Series have higher durability than demanded on the site, as proven through numerous tests including road tests and virtual simulation.

> The wear resistance of the bucket has been improved by use of new material.

Robust & Safe Structural Design
> Reinforced Pin, Bush, and Polymer Shim The HX Series improves lubricity of connecting parts between the equipment and attachments.

> Gaps with attachments are minimized by wear-resistant long-life pins, bushes, and polymer shims, supporting the highest performance with invariable durability.
> Wear Resistant Cover Plate A wear-resistant cover plate is installed at the end of the arm to minimize abrasion on the connector between the arm and the bucket.

> Vibration reduction of buckets enables more stable operation even in high-load work.

> Many electronic functions are concentrated on the most convenient spot for operators to ensure work efficiency.

> The highly-advanced infotainment system, a product of HHI’s intensive information technology, enables both productivity and pleasant work at the same time!

> The HX Series of HHI provides higher value and pleasure to customers.

> The true value of the HX Series lies in its durability.

> The robust frame structure and the attachments show the real value of the HX Series in tough working environments and promise higher productivity.