Hyundai R215

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Engine Model: Cummins6BT5.9-C
Max Dumping Height (mm): 6,520
Bucket Capacity (m³): 1
Operating Weight (kg): 21,700
Max Digging Depth (mm): 6,220
Net Power (kW@rpm): 101 @ 2,200
Discover the Hyundai R215 Excavator, a cutting-edge marvel of construction machinery designed to redefine efficiency and productivity on the job site. This formidable excavator is packed with advanced features that set it apart from the competition. Advanced CAPO System: The R215 boasts an Advanced Computer Aided Power Optimization (CAPO) system, fine-tuned to deliver exceptional performance while optimizing fuel consumption. Newly Designed CMCU: With a newly designed Central Management Control Unit (CMCU), this excavator is not only powerful but also smart, ensuring seamless operation and precise control. Power & Working Mode Options: Tailor your machine’s performance to the task at hand with multiple power and working mode options, resulting in outstanding fuel efficiency without compromising on power. Inbuilt Flow Summation System: Enjoy enhanced hydraulic precision and control with the inbuilt flow summation system, a feature that streamlines operations and minimizes downtime. Swing Priority Function: The swing priority function accelerates the swing cycle, significantly boosting productivity and ensuring you get more done in less time.

Improved fuel efficiency
> Fuel saving kit
> New ECO mode
> Electro hydraulic system
> Auto deceleration system
> Efficient breaker mode

Operator comfort
> Spacious cabin
> Fully adjustable seat
> Enhanced visibility
> User-friendly functionality

Best-in-class performance
> Excellent digging forces
> Advanced CAPO system
> Hydraulic flow summation
> Regeneration system

Increased machine durability
> Strengthened undercarriage
> Proven upper structure
> Forged ring body
> Reinforced front attachment