Hyundai’s newly developed remote management system.

Hi-MATE, Hyundai’s remote management system, utilizes GPS-satellite technology to provide you with the highest level of service and product support available for your Hyundai equipment. Hi-MATE enables users to remotely evaluate machine performance, access diagnostic information, and verify machine locations at the touch of a button. It comes standard on all excavators and wheel loaders, ensuring that your equipment is always monitored and maintained for peak performance. Additionally, Hi-MATE offers features such as real-time alerts and maintenance scheduling, helping to prevent downtime and extend the lifespan of your machinery. With Hi-MATE, managing your fleet has never been easier or more efficient.

GPS Satellite Technology

Up-to-date machine location information, including latitude, longitude, country, and region, is available through GPS-satellite technology. If a machine is moved from one location to another, users can track the location by clicking on the “Machine Travel” menu. This feature enhances security and logistical planning. Additionally, users can receive movement alerts and generate travel reports to ensure optimal fleet management. Learn more from a dealer near you.