Tracked Excavators

HPE Africa supplies various tracked excavator models that are flexible and suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications. Find the most suitable Hyundai model from our tracked excavators range below. 

Hyundai 200LC-9s
Engine Model Mitsubishi S6S-DT
Operating Weight (kg): 19,100
Max Dumping Height (mm):  6,220
Max. digging depth (mm) 6,060
Bucket Capacity (m³): 0,90
Net Power (kW@rpm): 87 @ 2,100
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R210-7 SMART
Engine Model 139 HP (104 KW) @2000 rpm
Operating Weight (kg): 20,700
Max Dumping Height (mm):  6,520
Max. digging depth (mm) 6,220
Bucket Capacity (m³): 0.92
Net Power (kW@rpm): 99@2,000
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Hyundai 220LC-9s
Engine Model HYUNDAI HM 5.9
Operating Weight (kg): 21,900
Max Dumping Height (mm):  6,520
Max. digging depth (mm): 5,630
Bucket Capacity (m³): 1.20
Net Power (kW@rpm): 107 @ 1,950
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Engine Model HYUNDAI HM5.9
Operating Weight (kg): 25,200
Max Dumping Height (mm):  6,420
Max. digging depth (mm): 6,450
Bucket Capacity (m³): 1.46
Net Power (kW@rpm): 122 @ 2,000
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Hyundai 300LC-9s
Engine Model CUMMINS C8.3-C
Operating Weight (kg): 29,700
Max Dumping Height (mm):  6,940
Max Digging depth (mm): 6,440
Bucket Capacity (m³): 1.49
Net Power (kW@rpm): 188 @ 1,900
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Engine Model Hyundai D6AC-C1
Operating Weight (kg): 38,400
Max Dumping Height (mm):  7,370
Max Digging depth (mm): 6,820
Bucket Capacity (m³): 1.62
Net Power (kW@rpm): 195 @ 1,900
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Hyundai 520LC-9s
Engine Model CUMMINS QSM11-C
Operating Weight (kg): 52,400
Max Dumping Height (mm):  7,290
Max Digging depth (mm): 6,610
Bucket Capacity (m³): 3.2
Net Power (kW@rpm): 255 @ 1,900
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Hyundai 800LC-9s
Engine Model CUMMINS QSX15
Operating Weight (kg): 84,000
Max Dumping Height (mm):  7,500
Max Digging depth (mm): 7,240
Bucket Capacity (m³): 4.53
Net Power (kW@rpm): 366 @ 1,800
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Hyundai 1200LC-9S
Engine Model Cummins Tier II QSK23-C
Operating Weight (kg): 118,000
Max Dumping Height (mm):  7,790
Max Digging depth (mm): 8,010
Bucket Capacity (m³): 6.70
Net Power (kW@rpm): 552 @ 1,800
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