McCloskey Trommels

McCloskey trommels are used in a number of applications worldwide including waste management and recycling, composting, construction & demolition, as well as landscaping.

Among the unique features for the McCloskey trommels are the patented radial conveyor, fast and easy Drum-XChange system and their ease-of-use.

Impact Crusher (6)


AJ 512RT USA 2013 (10)
Engine 100Hp (75kW) Diesel
Drum Size 1.52m x 3.66m (5′ x 12′)
Screening Area 11.8m² (127ft²)
Hopper Capacity 3.5m³ – 5.4m³
Fine Conveyor Belt Width 900mm (36″)
Radial Stockpile Height 3.92m (12′ 10.5″)
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516RT Working MEL
Engine 100Hp (75 kW) Diesel
Drum Size 1.52m x 4.88m (5′ x 16′)
Screening Area 17.7m² (190ft²)
Hopper Capacity 4.97m³ (6.5 yd³ )
Fines Conveyor Belt Width 1200mm (48″)
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621 2
Engine 174Hp (130 kW) Diesel
Drum Size 1.83m x 6.4m (6′ x 21′)
Screening Area 27.5m² (296 ft²)
Hopper Capacity 5m³ (6.5yd³)
Fines Conveyor Belt Width 1050mm (42″)
Radial Stockpile Height 5.11m (16′ 9″)
Radial Conveyor Belt 1050mm (42″)
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Engine 174Hp (130kW) Diesel
Drum Size 1.83m x 8.53m (6′ x 28′)
Screening Area 34.5m² (370ft²)
Hopper Capacity 5m³ (6.5 yd³)
Fine Conveyor Belt Width 1050mm (42″)
Radial Stockpile Height 5.13m (16′ 10″)
Radial Conveyor Belt Width 1050mm (42″)
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Engine 225Hp (130kW) Diesel
Drum Size 2.13m x 10.06m (7′ x 33′)
Screening Area 47m² (510ft²)
Hopper Capacity 6.9m³ (9 yd³)
Fines Conveyor Belt Width 1.37m (54″)
Radial Stockpile Height 5.09m (16′ 8″)
Radial Conveyor Belt Width 1.20m (48″)
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