McCloskey Wheeled Stackers

The McCloskey Wheeled Stackers have been designed for high capacity stockpiling operations. All units come standard with diesel power units, hydraulic main lift and hydraulic top fold. Electric and dual power are both available as options based on the best application for the customer’s business.

The ST Stacker Line is also available as a radio controlled track mounted unit. This heavy duty mobile stacker has a setback axle and 22.5 degree max conveyor angle allowing for the highest stockpiles per conveyor length in the industry.

Wheeled Stackers


ST100 Wheeled Stacker
Engine 90Hp (67kW)
Belt Length 30.48m (100′)
Belt Width 900mm (36″)
Stockpile Height 12.94m (42’6”)
Stockpile Capacity 3850m³ (5030 yds³)
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ST80 Wheeled Stacker
Engine 49Hp (36.5kW)
Belt Length 24.38m (80′)
Belt Width 900mm (36″)
Stockpile Height 9.47m (31′ 1″)
Stockpile Capacity 1556m³ (2035 yds³)
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