SOOSAN Hydraulic Breakers

SOOSAN has established a renowned name in the industry and delivers the industry’s best value in product, service and support. The hydraulic breaker range is suitable for a variety of earthmoving equipment and can be utilised in various applications and industries. 


Required Excavator Tonnage: 4.0 – 7.0
Operating Weight (kg): 307
Moil Diameter (mm): 68
Striking Rate (bpm): 500 – 900
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Operating Weight (kg) 1830
Oil Flow (l/min) 120-180
Operating pressure (kg/cm2) 160-180
Impact rate (BPM) 350-500
Moil Diameter 140
Applicable carrier weight (ton) 18-26
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Operating Weight (kg) 2781
Oil Flow (l/min) 180-240
Operating pressure (kg/cm2) 160-180
Impact rate (BPM) 300-450
Moil Diameter 155
Applicable carrier weight (ton) 28-35
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